Accident Update

“On November 30, 2012, we were in a very serious car accident on the highway about 90 miles East of Dallas, Texas, while driving to our show that day with Turnover and Major League. Our vehicle fishtailed and rolled several times, ejecting two people, and totaling it. Luckily we landed right side up. One of the two that were ejected had to be sent for immediate surgery and spent several nights in ICU. We were on tour in a Chevy Suburban, which belonged to our friend, unfortunately, the one who ended up in ICU. He agreed to do the tour and help us out just a few days before we left. We left on Nov. 16 and were supposed to be out till Dec 23. As of right now, Dec 17, 2012, everyone is back at home trying to rest. Besides our friend, everyone got away with just some stitches and/or sore spots  Eric was not with us during the accident, he was riding with the Turnover. They were all very helpful during everything, we owe a big thanks to those guys. Eric had been filling in on guitar for Turnover on this tour, so we all decided it would be best for him to continue the tour to play with them, as well as do an acoustic Maker set. We will take the early winter to get things back together and should be ready by the Spring time to get back on the road.

Also, we cannot express enough how much any and all of the donations mean, THANK YOU, seriously. I would feel bad naming a few people and not everyone, but some people (bands) really took time to set up some cool fundraisers and donations to help out the band and our friend. We’d like to personally thank everyone if we could. Proves how strong of a community the ‘punk rock’ scene really is, and this is why we support these kinds of bands, people, and ethics…. If I fall back down, your going to help me back up again.”-MAKER


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